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Right Ink on the Wall testimonial from author AD StarrlingI first heard of Sara through a slightly unusual source and started working with her in 2013. I am based in England and she’s based in New Zealand, but that has in no way affected our author-editor relationship. She was the silent editor for King’s Crusade, the second book in my award-winning supernatural thriller series Seventeen, and has been an active main editor and proofreader for all my works since then, including my latest release Destiny (A Seventeen Series Novel, Book Six) and the short story collection I have written in the world of Seventeen. I really enjoy working with Sara. Not only is the speed and quality of her work excellent, she is also an amazing human being, and will bend over backward to help you in any way she can. I look forward to working with her for many years to come and for our relationship and friendship to continue to flourish!
supernatural thriller series Seventeen by AD StarrlingAshstorm by AD Starrling
AD Starrling, Award-winning author of supernatural thriller series Seventeen, www.adstarrling.com
Right Ink on the Wall testimonial from author Georgia ThomasWhen I sent my manuscript to Sara, I thought she would only need to correct a few grammatical errors and pop in a comma here and there. Needless to say, I was surprised to see a very thorough edit with numerous corrections and comments (always kind and constructive) that really challenged me to produce my best work. I am so pleased with the final result and I will apply a lot of Sara’s direction to all my writing. Working with Sara transformed the editing process into a very positive learning experience and helped me produce a book I am proud of.
Kayzar by Georgia ThomasGeorgia Thomas, Author of Kayzar, www.georgiathomas.com.au
author Paul Tarvit, testimonial for Right Ink on the WallThank you Sara for helping my manuscript to reach its full potential. What began as a daunting process turned into an engaging and interesting experience that challenged me to become a better writer. You’ve managed to impart your considerable knowledge in such a subtle way that when I re-read my finished final draft, I felt that it had improved 20% without the storyline changing in any way. You’ve been so generous with your time and I have already happily recommended you to others.
Operation Merauke by Paul TarvitPaul Tarvit, Author of Operation Merauke
author Shaun Schofield, testimonial for Right Ink on the WallDo you want someone who is passionate? Then Sara is your woman; she cares about words, what they say, what they mean, and how they fall together. Is continuity of your story important to you? I hope the answer is yes, and Sara will pluck out the smallest detail that does not fit and suggest changes that bring sense to your story. Do you want an editor who has courage or one who simply rubberstamps your work? Sara will not let you off the hook with lazy writing, over-complicated plots, wordiness for the sake of wordiness. She will take the scalpel to your work, but only to carve a better and more meaningful monument. I lost over twenty-five pages from my first novel, but the beta readers all approved. Sara has now worked through over 1,497 pages of my work with diligence, care, and professionalism. I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have their work made fit for publishing.
Shaun SchofieldShaun SchofieldShaun SchofieldShaun Schofield, Author of The Owl Chronicles, www.owlchronicles.co.uk
author Simon Di Nucci, testimonial for Right Ink on the WallI had been struggling with the manuscript for some two years after writing it, going round in circles – changing things, then changing them back – over and over again. Then Sara edited my book and resolved all these issues, and some I hadn’t even noticed, just like that. As I go through the comments, I am not just making the changes Sara recommended, but I am able to push the story further, thanks to the clarity that she has given me. Her comments were always positive as well as insightful and it’s been a pleasure working through them.
Simon Di Nucci, Author of When I Was
Right Ink on the Wall testimonial from Margarita Yerusalimsky, author of Black InkI was recommended Sara by my printing company. Sara edited my poetry book. Initially I was apprehensive about how my poetry could be edited, but after Sara’s edit my pieces looked more appealing and read more eloquently. Sara was a pleasure to deal with and completed the work quickly and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend Sara to other writers and I will continue to use her in the future.
Margarita Yerusalimsky, Author of Black Ink

Sara now works with business books as an editor under Jacqui Pretty at Grammar Factory. If you are an entrepreneur aiming to release an awesome book, please contact us at info@grammarfactory.com.

Visit www.grammarfactory.com to learn more about editing for entrepreneurs and sign up to receive two free chapters of Book Blueprint by Jacqui Pretty.

Right Ink on the Wall testimonial from Les PriceFinding an editor who understands your unique voice and point of view is not always easy. I knew deep down inside that I needed to work with someone who had a heart for my message, yet who could give me the essential feedback needed to take my manuscript to a new level. Sara helped me to restructure my book in a way that not only made practical sense but also helped me connect more deeply with my audience, while at the same time providing a very thorough and detailed edit of the entire work. The result is I now have a body of work that I am extremely proud of and delighted to share with the world, and this is why I would highly recommend Sara (and Right Ink On the Wall) to anyone that is looking to bring their creative work to life through the power of words.
Les Price, Author of Awakening the Heart of Business
Right Ink on the Wall testimonial from Carolyn DeanI would highly recommend Sara to any budding author. She was able to guide me (a complete novice) with patience, understanding and professionalism through the minefield that is book editing! No question I asked was too stupid or too unimportant. She has the patience of a saint and the editing skills of a writing ninja! Sara took a very rough first manuscript and encouraged me through the process of delivering my book. Something that I could never have done without her steady help. If you are looking for an editor, do yourself a huge favour and hire Sara today!
Carolyn Dean, Author of Fully Booked!
Testimonial from Audrey Dawson, Author of Holy Crap! Where’s My Super Gone? for Right Ink on the Wall Sara was an absolute pleasure to work with from the first Skype conversation to the finished product. She kept me informed of dates when she would have the different parts of the edit completed and she delivered on time and with a quality product. I consider that Sara has contributed greatly to making my book something I will be proud to publish.
Holy Crap! Where’s My Super Gone? by Audrey Dawson CPAAudrey Dawson CPA, Author of Holy Crap! Where’s My Super Gone?
Author Sharon Swift, testimonial on Right Ink on the WallI engaged Sara in a state of panic. My book needed a proof-read with an expert eye after I noticed some subtle but large errors in what I thought was my final document. Sara was relaxed, professional, and great to work with. She identified a heap of corrections (over 1400 of them!) that have put my book in another league of readability and quality. Sara met my tight deadline, providing regular updates. I would highly recommend Sara to anyone looking for an expert to take your manuscript to another level. The quality of her work is outstanding, and I would have no hesitation in approaching Sara for my next project.
So, You're Moving to Australia, by Sharon SwiftSharon Swift, Bestselling Author of So, You’re Moving To Australia?

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