Nelson Mandela & Saying The Right Thing



I will keep this brief. It’s one of those times when silence is too little, but words are not enough. If anyone has made the right mark on the wall of the world, it is Nelson Mandela. Today is a happy sad day – it is happy because Mandela died having lived out his life. He lived to see the effects of the marks he made and work he did. He died free, leaving the world a better place. Rest in peace.

6 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela & Saying The Right Thing

  1. TK

    I was moved, yesterday, when I heard the news of his passing. He was such a great person in so many ways. That said, I can’t say I’m moved due to sadness. Here we have a man who did great things against great odds and was able to live out the entirety of his life. He gave all he could and the whole world is better for his existence. I’m happy that we had him on this earth for as long as we did.

  2. Aussa Lorens

    “When silence is too little, but words are not enough” is the perfect way to describe the feelings around something like this. I love your brief tribute… it really was a “happy sad” day.


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