RIGHT INK ON THE WALL is an editing business that believes in making the right mark on the wall of the world.

Through insight, engagement, and attention to detail, Managing Editor Sara Litchfield provides editing and proofreading services to genre-driven authors with a story to tell.

Let us engage with your concept, your story, your meaning – the architecture of your book. Visit the Testimonials page for a look at some of the authors and books we’ve enjoyed working with.


HOPE is at the heart of everything we believe at Right Ink On The Wall. Our mission is one of encouragement. We want people to write ink on the wall of the world. And we want to help you make the right mark.

INSIGHT – We address the deeper meaning and the bigger picture. We look at connections and creativity in context.
ENCOURAGEMENT – We edit in a positive spirit of support. We endeavour to be precise but not prescriptive, to lift but not limit.
ATTENTION – We give close and careful consideration to detail. Craftsmanship enables clear communication.
JOY – We never want to forget the beauty and excitement of letting words out into the world. Writing ink on the wall is fun and so is playing with the words there.
We love to work with authors who:

  • Love to write and write with love.
  • Want to make the right mark on the wall of the world.
  • Embrace imagination, hope, and the future-possible.


In 2020, David Attenborough released his witness statement, A Life On Our Planet. It has never been clearer that we, the human species, desperately need to ‘rewild the world’. With our founder having signed a pledge to embrace a more plant-based diet, from 1st January 2021, Right Ink On The Wall pledges to donate one native tree for every book edited to planting projects in our home country, New Zealand, via the Kiwi initiative Tress That Count, managed by conservation charity Project Crimson. For more information or to get involved, visit www.treesthatcount.co.nz