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praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara Litchfield[Litchfield’s] creativity is evident in the vivid imagery of this novel. Readers who enjoy The Night Butterflies will eagerly stand in line for [her] next book.
Judge 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara LitchfieldImagine a stark world where medication is your only sustenance, manufactured offspring your only company and a dark secret your only hope. Where the very air is poison and the concept of humanity has been lost… Litchfield has delivered a refined and uniquely written dystopian debut that twists, turns and truly delights.
Libby Waldon Through the Wardrobe Door

praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara LitchfieldSara Litchfield’s very well-written, poetic beauty of a novel, The Night Butterflies, is an eye-opening, haunting, infectiously engrossing dystopian novel that any fans of the genre should really consider reading.
Justin Boyer A Bibliophile’s Reverie

praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara LitchfieldIt’s desolate, it’s scary, and it’s staggering… The Night Butterflies is a plunge into the human soul that reader won’t soon forget.
Sara Letourneau author of The Keeper’s Curse

praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara LitchfieldIf you like a story that entertains, but also leaves you thinking about humanity (or its lack), society, love, family bonds, and so much more, then read this book. I read the first page and knew I’d found something special. This is as much a delight for the mind as for the heart.
Christina Anne Hawthorne author of The Renaissance Cycle

praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara LitchfieldSara Lichfield’s The Night Butterflies handles the topic of degradation and fear, and a society that has forgotten how to be human, with equal skill and maturity.
The rediscovery of the joys of connection with other human beings that happens with her characters is just as powerful as, for instance, Guy Montag’s awakening in Fahrenheit 451.

HK Hann-Basquiat author of Memoirs of a Dilettante

praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara LitchfieldThis is an intelligent read – Litchfield is not going after readers who want a predictable love triangle or the cliche plot; she’s going after a savvy, smart reader who thirsts to be whisked away on an intense journey.
Beth Teliho author of Order of Seven

praise for The Night Butterflies by Sara LitchfieldAs the blurb promises, The Night Butterflies is ‘not just another dystopian novel.’ Litchfield grapples with heavy moral questions – the ethics of breeding a ‘generation of psychopaths’ and whether the true cost of human survival is truly worth it – against an eerily tangible backdrop of synthetically induced human existence.
Steph Louis Stephanie Louis Literary Editing