Editing services are available across a range
of disciplines and genres:

Fiction & Literary Nonfiction

  • Full Literary Edit

    This package edit includes a review & critique and a line-by-line content edit addressing structure, flow & substance. This type of edit is also commonly known as a developmental edit and reviews high level issues as well as nitty-gritty plot points.

  • Content Edit

    A copy edit addressing structure, flow & substance at a detailed, line-by-line level.

  • Proofreading

    A line-by-line edit addressing spelling, grammar and punctuation.


Rates are dependent on size and scope of work. For a quote specific to your currency and requirements, please contact:

Sara now works with business books as an editor under Jacqui Pretty at Grammar Factory. If you are an entrepreneur aiming to release an awesome book, please contact us at

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Why Us?

When you engage the services of Right Ink On The Wall, you are tapping the expertise and experience of an editor who has behind her:

  • Four years working with fiction, nonfiction and business clients as the managing editor of her own business.
  • Three years of focused academic writing in theology and philosophy, reviewed by published leaders in their fields at the University of Cambridge.
  • Four years of focused business report writing in financial advisory services for the biggest names in commerce, at world-class accountancy firm Ernst & Young.
  • Publication in an international theological journal.
  • A novel released by Right Ink On The Wall’s publishing division, RIW Press.
  • Continuous study of proofreading and copy editing as disciplines in themselves. A certificate in proofreading and copy editing from BILD and ABCC affiliated institute The Writers Bureau.
  • A lifelong exploration into the English language, involving study spanning grammar, etymology, language acquisition, genderlect and literature.

Hope is at the heart of everything we believe at Right Ink On The Wall. Our mission is one of encouragement. We want people to write ink on the wall of the world. And we want to help you make the right mark.