Without The Sun

broken boat

How can I be warm again

Without the sun?

Its playful light

Chasing away shadows

How can I be free again

Without the key?

Unlocking life’s joy

Securing its sorrows

Where will I go now

Without a compass?

No reason for direction

No seal upon a home

Where will I set sail

Without a rudder?

I’m nothing and I’ve nowhere

Till my heart’s returned to me

(c) 2014 Sara Litchfield

7 thoughts on “Without The Sun

  1. saraletourneau

    This perfectly captures the feeling of being lost. There’s also something ghost-like about it, with its sense of helplessness, questioning tone, and the few, carefully chosen words. I’m not sure what else to say beside that it’s just a very, very pretty piece and I feel the emotions quite deeply.


  2. Deborah Makarios

    Both evanescent and poignantly evocative – but I nonetheless venture to disagree: you are not nothing, and you never will be. Even when you feel like it.

    I don’t want to preach – or suggest that I have all the answers – but I can’t not say it: sometimes we are looking for things which another human can’t supply; we have needs which they cannot meet. I have found warmth, freedom, and purpose in the love of God – as well as an anchor in stormy times.
    I have not your gift for being heartfelt without sounding cheesy, but there it is.

    I hope one day we will be able to share your joy, just as you have let us share your sorrow now.

    1. Sara Litchfield Post author

      Thanks Deborah… You don’t sound cheesy at all, I really appreciate you saying what you feel here – faith is a beautiful thing. I don’t mean to get too maudlin, I’ll pick it up again! There’ll be lots of joy to come…


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