A is for Adelaide, B is for Beauty, C is for Compassion


I came to Adelaide three months ago, a little bit broken. I’m leaving now, a little, well, less so.

This is due in part to an unwillingness just to curl up in a corner and not participate in the world, in part to the uplifting beauty to be found all around, but, most of all, it is due to compassion.

Compassion is someone holding out their hands rather than putting them behind their back. It is someone offering you their home rather than muttering a platitude. And then putting up with you every day in that home, while you un-mire yourself.

It is patience; it is kindness; it is observance. It is empathy; it is companionship; it is hope.

The world is a mess. It is depressing. Sometimes, it seems hopeless. The news is overwhelming. The small hurts and the big hurts form a league of reasons to bury your head in the sand.

I read a post a few days ago that made me dig myself out of the sand, because I saw others sitting up, taking note, and doing it too. Within a week, there are so many people digging that tunnels through the world, connecting all sorts of countries and people have appeared. Pop through those tunnels and you find writers worth knowing – because a common strand has resonated with them and tied them together. And it’s the idea of compassion.

Showing compassion, and talking about it, writing about it, championing it – this is one way to make the right mark on the wall of the world. It is one way we can lift up the people around us, rather than trampling them, rather than ignoring them. It is a call to action. So that more and more people can feel the vibrations, pop their heads out of their sand patches, and start digging themselves.

Join us on 20th February 2015 when 1000 voices will speak out for compassion.

To join the group and start digging, go here: 1000 Voices for Compassion Facebook Group

To read some background, go to meet Lizzi, who first popped her head out the sand, and go to meet Yvonne, who picked up the first shovel.

To sing and dance together on Twitter, tweet #1000Speak.

13 thoughts on “A is for Adelaide, B is for Beauty, C is for Compassion

  1. lrconsiderer

    Sara I am SO GLAD that you’re on board with this. I love the imagery you used – I feel like a teeny tiny bug, just trying to make that world a little bit better 🙂 What a wonderful imagination you have (have you ever thought of writing a book? 😉 )

    Seriously though, this is a beautiful shout-out and thank you for that.

    I’m glad that you found sanctuary and compassion and people who bore with you as you gathered the threads of yourself back together. I’m glad you’re leaving more whole and healed.

    Where are you off to next?

    1. Sara Litchfield Post author

      Ah yay thanks Lizzi 🙂 you are anything but a bug!

      Funny you should ask- I posted this from the airport before I got on a plane… Now transitting through Singapore on my way to Malaysia to visit family 🙂

  2. Lisa @ The Meaning of Me

    Love your image of Lizzi popping out of the sand and Yvonne shoveling – that’s great! Your post is beautiful. The world is a mess, but it doesn’t have to be.

    1. Sara Litchfield Post author

      Thanks Lisa 🙂 I totally agree.. It’s so nice to meet so many people now who believe the same thing!

      1. Dani

        Sara, I’m trying to subscribe to your blog, but apparently it doesn’t like me, as it keeps rejecting the submission. Help, please! 🙂

        1. Sara Litchfield Post author

          Ah no, that’s so strange – let me add you to the list directly 🙂 thanks for following!

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