Love Does Not Need Pockets


I’ve been absent… again! Despite promises made to myself, resolutions have been falling by the wayside like summer rain… But I’ve been consumed by life and work, and I’m working on something important, something challenging and life-changing, and incidentally longer than War & Peace. A beautiful line in that work stopped me in my tracks yesterday: ‘Love, though, does not need pockets.’ It was in the context of a discussion on the hunt for happiness and meaning, which so resonated with the philosophy here of making the right mark on the wall of the world that it sparked the poet within. So this is just a wee call out from the darkness to let you know that I’m still here, and soon I’ll be back in force. But here’s the piece of poetry in the meantime…


Love does not need pockets

A man of wisdom said

When you’re in your burial shroud

You may think you are dead

But what is it you’ve left behind?

Have you made a mark?

Your holidays and fancy cars

They were just a lark

But love you gave and love you sowed

That won’t ever stale

And love you received in return

Goes with you through the veil

(c) 2016 Sara Litchfield

15 thoughts on “Love Does Not Need Pockets

  1. swiveltam

    Nice to have yo back Sarah. Beautiful poem and idea. I’d pretty much abandoned my poetry when I took up novel writing, but have occasionally wrote a few. I miss it and enjoy it, but don’t know where it fits in my world or social media, marketing, and novel writing.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Sara Litchfield Post author

      Thanks! I’ve long since abandoned a plan when it comes to posting… I never used to write poetry, so now when it comes up I just throw it out on the winds 🙂 I hope everything’s going well your end!

  2. ontyrepassages

    A lovely, touching poem, Sara. I’m always happy to see you returned, no matter how brief the moment. My first, true novel rivaled War and Peace in scope, though not quality. I learned a lot in the process, a lot about writing and a lot about me. 🙂

        1. Sara Litchfield Post author

          I love short stories 🙂 It’s a completely different game, and definitely a learning curve!

      1. Sara Litchfield Post author

        Sadly it’s not my WIP, but someone else’s! I can’t wait to get back to my own 🙂 Good luck with yours!

    1. Sara Litchfield Post author

      Thanks Christina 🙂 It’s all about learning! This isn’t my own book, but one I’m editing… But as long as we can take learnings from anything we engage with, we’re on our way 🙂


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