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How Time Flies

Screen Shot 2014-04-06 at 11.41.35 AM“How did it get so late so soon?” – Dr Seuss

Today (and I stand by this, despite the detractors who claim we don’t gain or lose anything, just adjust our watches), we gained an hour. I was deliciously triumphant to turn the clocks back. For some reason, it always takes a few goes before I get which way it’s going, why and what it means for the days to come. Every time. Maybe that’s tied in with my terrible sense of direction and my distress when trying to calculate time differences and foreign exchange. Daylight savings is a funny old thing.

Part of the reason I was so happy to save some time today is that I feel like time is running away with me. I try to stop and pause and enjoy the gift of the present etc etc… But I too often feel like I’m on a roller coaster, trying to juggle everything I want to get done while attempting to cling on for dear life. And so often wondering at the end of the day/week/month where on earth the time went, even when I’ve lots to show for it.

Time is of the essence at the moment. I’m rewriting The Book To Be before sending it off to an editor this month. I’m also putting wheels in motion to try and attract more fiction clients to my editing business so I can build on the foundations I’ve laid in the last year. Then there’s the never-ending, ever-growing list of accountanty things to do now financial year-end is breached to tie everything down and address tax time. I’m heading back to the UK for a month in August, and there’s lots of admin required – now it’s April, it doesn’t seem too long at all to get a lot of affairs in order, including negotiating moving out (sad face) and getting our passports back from immigration (who tend to move with the speed of sea monkeys). I’d also like my money back from the TradeMe guy (yes, I am an eternal optimist).

I can’t believe how time has flown since writing posts on these events. Overall, I do seem to be doing the things I plan to and enjoying the ride. Or at least trying to put a positive spin on the twists that turn my stomach. I just wish I could cage time. My school’s 10 year reunion is this month (how? Just, how?!). 

How do you stop time running away with you? How do you feel about daylight savings?! I particularly enjoyed The Bloggess’s take on the matter, and the notion of a daylight savings week, ‘so that everyone can catch up on TV and get a one week extension on all deadlines.’ Show me the petition and I’ll sign it.